Public Talks&Private Sessions

Public Talks:

1.Destiny & Purpose of the person
Capabilities of people manifested through different frequencies. The person’s achievements is based on his/her potential (power and capacity of the nervous system).

This talk focuses on:

  • information about your personal frequency level
  • how the knowledge about the frequency can be used – capacity of nervous system
  • how to develop and use new strategies for effective interaction with different people
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • human talents
  • what prevents a person to move on in life


2.Transcendental Medicine – quantum treatment:

This talk focuses on:

  • the hierarchy of body organs
  • how body responds to stress
  • causes of disease
  • how to avoid serious and complex diseases
  • matrix of the body systems


3.Refocusing for the positive perception of yourselves:

This talk focuses on:

  • «Primary Self” and “Secondary Self”
  • how “Primary Self” prevents a person from achieving what they capable of in life
  • sensations and person’s tasks during different age periods
  • mastery of your own reality


4.Conscious relationship – 7 magical days and my seven “Selves”

This talk focuses on:

  • the golden rules which shape relationships between a man and a woman
  • what to be aware of while getting acquainted with a person
  • how to build and maintain healthy relationships

5.Who can become a millionaire or why I am not the millionaire yet

This talk focuses on:

  • what is it needed to become a millionaire
  • how to use human potential
  • human tasks, purpose and destiny
  • what prevents the wishes to come true

Private sessions:

  1. Destiny & Purpose:
    -more detailed information on the frequency level, ability of the person, how to interact with specific/certain people in specific situations.
    -identifying talents of  your children.
  2. Transcendental Medicine:
    -replacement of the energy-matrix of the person that brings to the healing of the body;
    -removing virus programs from the body.
  3. Eliminating energy co-dependency with other people (etherical umbilical cords) which will increase your self-confidence, effectiveness, improve and preserve the integrity of the energy system of the body.
  4. Consultations on personal and professional matters:
    • Questions about personal  relationships in the family, with the partners, kids, friends;
    •  Relationships with the team, assisting in determining the core strengths of employees and colleagues,   explanations why conflicts arise and how to overcome / avoid them.

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